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Encore International Music Competition (online) 締め切り迫る

enkor competition

enkor competition

Encore International Music Competition 締め切り迫る! 

Encore International Music Competitionには過去に私の生徒も参加し、成績を残しています。コンクール側から、親切に締め切りが迫っているとのお知らせが届きました。日本のみなさまも参加できる、ビデオ(+オーディオ)審査によるものなので、こちらにもお知らせしておこうと思います。



The application deadline for the 7th edition of ENKOR Int'l Violin Competition is approaching quickly. Deadline is May 31.
ENKOR provides your students with the unique opportunity to get heard and recognized by so many professionals and influential people in the music industry. We are the only one competition with a Jury Board consisting of 500+ members from 70+ countries on 6 continents.
Location: online
Eligibility: all nationalities
Age Groups
Cat A: up to 10 years 
Cat B: 11 to 15 years 
Cat C: 16 to 20 years 
Cat D: 21 to 25 years  
Repertoire Requirements
Free choice (one or more pieces) from the Standard Repertoire: baroque, classical, romantic or contemporary periods. Contestants must perform from memory.​
Total duration of the videos for 
Category A : up to 10 minutes 
Category B: up to 15 minutes
Category C, D: up to 20 minutes 




Good Luck !